Frau Doktor Lugosi - Medical Play

The following therapeutic treatments are available with me in the Klinik:


- Catheter

- Bladder Irrigation

- Enema

- Injections (subcutaneous)

- Infusions

- Needles

- Urethral Sounds

- Breath Control / Inhalations 

- Anal Stretching

- Vaginal Stretching 

- Urine Therapy

- Electro Stimulation

- Sweat / Latex Therapy

- Shaving

- Relaxation Therapy 

- Segufix Bondage System 

- Vital Signs Check

- Physical Examination

- Forced Orgasm 

- Violet Wand

- Overnight Sessions 


Quality, knowledge, sense of responsibility, and health care are my main concern. I only work with sterile materials. All instruments used for insertion into the body, as well as for enemas, will be sterilised in a professional way. All tools are so safe to use I could treat myself with them.


KLINIKUM AVALON - Zitadellenweg 20 e 13599 Berlin Spandau - +49-30-32704427


Klinikum Avalon
Klinikum Avalon