New EP Out NOW on MISBHV with DJ Hell & Radioslave


On this new collaboration specially commissioned by MISBHV Recordings, dance music heavyweights DJ Hell and Matt “Radio Slave” Edwards join forces on a 20-minute trip to an adult-themed clubland fantasy, inviting Berlin dominatrix Mistress Bella Lugosi to contribute vocals.  With each track clocking in at over 10 minutes long, "Let's Misbhv" and "Latex Lover" read like blueprints for late 20th century club music.  With underground roots in early techno, Italo and EBM, this is 100% hedonistic music to sweat to, be it in a tiny basement or a proper big room warehouse rave.  Slamming beats are complimented by Lugosi's seductive vocals, while synth arpeggios and buzzsaw hooks lead to eye-watering, massive breakdowns.


Two decades of club music merge into something new without losing its origin - Hell’s 90’s, Italo-rooted, electroclash-defining kinky dungeon sound meets Radio Slave’s minimalistic yet mercilessly effective beats, re-defining classic sounds and delivering something solid for the ever-changing landscape of today’s dance music. 


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Stream a two minute preview of "LATEX LOVER"