Photo by Sado Ladies

Mistress Bella Lugosi by Sado Ladies


“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.”  


Surrender to Me in confidence, and awaken..... 



I am Mistress Bella Lugosi, a professional Dominatrix based in Berlin Germany and very inspired by the “old-school” of Femdom.  My personal fetishes include leather, rubber, high-heels, nylons and over-knee boots.  For Me, the psychological aspect of domination is the most arousing and interesting part.  It requires maturity, intellect, creativity…. finesse.  And that “je ne sais quoi”  is precisely what I possess.


I'm the smiling Sadist who openly enjoys Herself in sessions, rather than a cold, detached, severe type.  I’m skilled in & enjoy a wide range of BDSM practices; from more simple scenes, to highly complex ones.  I can persuade you gently…. or break you ruthlessly! 


Are you a discerning fetishist, who daydreams of elaborate and bizarre scenarios, flawlessly executed by an Expert hand?  Or an absolute beginner, searching for a trusted Guide on your journey to kinky sexual discovery?  Or maybe a masochist?  A lover of extremes, searching for the merciless & masterly Architect for your personal Theater of Pain?  Regardless of your orientation or level of experience, always remember that proper protocol and manners are important to Me.  I have high expectations of your behavior: your complete submission, respect, adoration and compliance.  


The dark side of the imagination has always fascinated Me.  As a girl, I was much more interested in the majestic Villainesses in My storybooks than the helpless Princesses.  A young mind, brimming with dark fantasies.  My beauty is utterly alluring; My features are sultry and feminine; My charms, ladylike and disarming.  I smolder from within.  After a bit of time in My presence, you start to realize that you’ve never met another Woman like Me before. You begin to melt under the sweet trance of My spell.  Your resolve is slipping away as you enter this universe in which I am at the center.  You can’t help but open yourself to Me, raw and exposed, following Me deeper and deeper into the abyss.  With awe and dread, you slowly begin to realize the depth of My sadistic desires.  But by then, you are lost in My world, from which there is no turning back.  And if you are brave enough, I will take special pleasure in tormenting you.... slowly, lovingly, brutally. 


Since My initiation and training at the legendary Studio Avalon, I’ve quickly established a respected reputation in the professional arena.  Touring successfully from Europe to the USA, and filming with many celebrated Mistresses in the Pro-Domme world, and recently a filming collaboration with the legendary OWK (Other World Kingdom). I've modeled for latex designers like Torture Garden, Savage Wear, Chronomatic and Peter Domenie; performed at the German Fetish Ball, Pornceptual, VENUS Berlin and the Wave Gothic Treffen. Official KINKY STAR for the VENUS, the world's largest international adult trade show, and I've also been interviewed by Deutsche Welle, RBB, Zett Online, The Daily Dot, even dubbed a "Sexpert" and "Sinfluencer" by the German media. 


For Me, being a Mistress is a way of life that I’m totally immersed in each and every day. Authenticity, mindfulness, artistry and professionalism are all central to My work.  My Guests may session with Me in German or English.




Mistress Bella Lugosi illustration by Sardax