Dear High Priestess of Dark Magick, Beautiful Witch Mistress Bella Bellissima Lugosi,

I woke up this morning with the verrry strong desire to say: THANKYOU!!! the game yesterday was a dream, you have enchanted me, you are the most talented witch I ever met ;)

The scenery, the carefully executed rituals, your appearance, your fantasy, your passion for the play, your blood red smile, your tender touches, your not too harsh punishments... I loved all of it.

And also the wonderful cosy talk afterwards, me with water, you with crémant, when the witch transformed into a warm, friendly, humorous and open-hearted lady – I loved every precious minute of it.

It would be an honour when you would regard me not only as a guest but as Your slave. But of course I know, that honour must be earned. Still I would love it so much if you allow me to crawl back under your sweet tyranny some day in a hopefully near future. 

Your Property, Slave M

Dearest Mistress Bella,

I have to confess that I love your messages. And your warm words are like a continuation of the last wonderful, lovely, witchy, kinky therapy session.

I've visited other Dominas before and hadn´t yet felt such deep warmness, sentiments, sympathy, or love like I have from you. For the first time I could really relish the spanking of a Mistress. It was the new experience for me. Although I've experienced a lot, such feelings are always wondrously new. I think you are indeed a wizard, a very beautiful one!

Thinking of you often Mistress,

Yours, Severus


Adored Lady Bella Lugosi


you had such an intense impact on us. I've never been so easily in subspace than today, when I was kinkily caught between you and my Mistress. I know that this whole session was an overwhelmingly beautiful gift to me. I know this day revolved a lot about my very own desires. I feel so immensely grateful. I was drowning in your eyes and Lady A was ignited by your presence. 


Lady A and I are very, very, very, very eager to meet you again. We just decided spontaneously decided to prolong our stay another night... and we would love to invite you again.


In deepest adoration, Slave T


and with kisses from Lady A


My dear High Priestess Bellissima Lugosanta,
I feel reborn under your rule, and know exactly my true place in life. 
Thank you for that wonderful "magick" play full of surprises, energy, empathy, fantasy! Your ideas are overwhelming. The scenery you have prepared with so much care and joy! The sacrificial altar! Oh my god... and then the unbelievable mmmm... end... Thank you for everything you give, and this a lot.

Your devoted slave, Slave M

My experience with Mistress Bella Lugosi was exceptional, professional and memorable! I left the studio ecstatic and honored to have served as her sub. As a beginner, my journey into the world of BDSM started when I reached out to Mistress Bella to schedule a session with her. At the studio, I made my way up the stairs where I stood before the door. I gathered my nerves and rang the doorbell. The silence was broken by the faint sound of approaching high heels from behind the door. My heart was racing as I did my best to contain my nerves and excitement to meet her for the first time. The door opens and I am greeted by the beautiful Mistress Bella Lugosi.

She led me into the waiting room for our pre-session talk. Being aware it was my first experience with all aspects of BDSM, her calm demeanor and warm smile eased my nervousness. I soon found out she has a great sense of humor and is real down to earth. As we talked, I could sense her enthusiasm and how much she loved her job. Any bit of doubt in the back of my mind quickly dissolved. I had a positive feeling knowing she would lead the session safely and fun as she torments me. After our talk, I was more confident in knowing I made the right decision to contact her for our session. She was exceptionally creative with how she led the session. Her attention to detail during the roleplaying was astounding and she surpassed all my expectations! She played her character convincingly and the scene flowed perfectly from one to the next.

With her pinning me against the wall, the adrenaline rush was something to behold as she stared down into my eyes. It was as if she was challenging me to resist her spell she had on me. As I felt more powerless, I knew it would have been pointless to resist as she gained complete control over me. When I was bound helpless by Mistress Bella, it was thrilling and terrifying! I had no idea when she would whip me or run her nails across my red skin. Nothing she did was predictable, and she kept me in suspense with everything that we did. I had a wonderful first experience with BDSM and I am grateful to how Mistress Bella was the entire time I was in the studio. It was a privilege to serve her and I cherish every moment that I did. I look forward to the next session with her!

Slave A

Dear Mistress Bella,

Wanted to thank you for an amazing session. Really enjoyed it. Never been slapped that hard before. Had to beg for mercy once you increased the intensity. Also the way you paddled me, scratched me really kept me on my toes and I felt quite nervous during the session. Also enjoyed worshipping your feet, marching your footsteps in the walk along the corridor. And it was very humiliating to be instructed to eat the cum off my hand. 

Overall had an enjoyable session where I was really pushed. Hope you had fun too and hope to serve you again soon.

Slave J

Mistress Bella 

Thank you for giving me the session in Berlin. It is a once in a lifetime memory that will be remembered forever. The session with you is not merely a kind sex release but a cure for my life. Before I flew 8000 miles to you I was suffering from deep depression in real life, for years. I was questioning the very meaning of life itself. I believe no one can see that for I have to cover my emotion in real life. Until one day, when I suddenly had the idea to search for a Dominatrix in Berlin, I stopped browsing when your appearance showed up. The first impression is you looks like the combination of Anne Hathaway, Miranda Kerr and a girl I loved. Then after I checked all you Twitter, video I believed you were the right Mistress for me. The session was so great, even too good to be true. I am not a guy who can take pain, but I wanted to push my limits under your feet. When I was handcuffed in the office and kneeling all the way to the big studio, my back really hurt, I wanted to say the safeword but I didn’t. When I saw your beautiful face was so close to me, the Chanel perfume smelling so alluring, I can even feel your smooth skin with my face when I was hung there. I wanted to kiss you and more! Of course the fantasy was denied by spitting and face slapping which is very humiliating while my cock is locked up. I would love to be your cuckold! The electro-stimulating and vibrating part push me to the edge many times. I wanted to say: “please do not stop, give me 10 more seconds and I can cum.” But you stopped just when I feel orgasm every time. I hope to be dominated by you another time. You are my forever spiritual altar. Thank you again Mistress Bella.

Your Slave, L