Dear High Priestess of Dark Magick, Beautiful Witch Mistress Bella Bellissima Lugosi,

I woke up this morning with the verrry strong desire to say: THANKYOU!!! the game yesterday was a dream, you have enchanted me, you are the most talented witch I ever met ;)

The scenery, the carefully executed rituals, your appearance, your fantasy, your passion for the play, your blood red smile, your tender touches, your not too harsh punishments... I loved all of it.

And also the wonderful cosy talk afterwards, me with water, you with crémant, when the witch transformed into a warm, friendly, humorous and open-hearted lady – I loved every precious minute of it.

It would be an honour when you would regard me not only as a guest but as Your slave. But of course I know, that honour must be earned. Still I would love it so much if you allow me to crawl back under your sweet tyranny some day in a hopefully near future. 

Your Property, Slave M

Dearest Mistress Bella,

I have to confess that I love your messages. And your warm words are like a continuation of the last wonderful, lovely, witchy, kinky therapy session.

I've visited other Dominas before and hadn´t yet felt such deep warmness, sentiments, sympathy, or love like I have from you. For the first time I could really relish the spanking of a Mistress. It was the new experience for me. Although I've experienced a lot, such feelings are always wondrously new. I think you are indeed a wizard, a very beautiful one!

Thinking of you often Mistress,

Yours, Slave A


Adored Lady Bella Lugosi


you had such an intense impact on us. I've never been so easily in subspace than today, when I was kinkily caught between you and my Mistress. I know that this whole session was an overwhelmingly beautiful gift to me. I know this day revolved a lot about my very own desires. I feel so immensely grateful. I was drowning in your eyes and Lady A was ignited by your presence. 


Lady A and I are very, very, very, very eager to meet you again. We just decided spontaneously decided to prolong our stay another night... and we would love to invite you again.


In deepest adoration, Slave T


and with kisses from Lady A


My dear High Priestess Bellissima Lugosanta,
I feel reborn under your rule, and know exactly my true place in life. 
Thank you for that wonderful "magick" play full of surprises, energy, empathy, fantasy! Your ideas are overwhelming. The scenery you have prepared with so much care and joy! The sacrificial altar! Oh my god... and then the unbelievable mmmm... end... Thank you for everything you give, and this a lot.
Your devoted slave, Slave M