Listen to a variety of playlists I've curated


A previous career in music and a natural tendency towards snobbery means that I'm very picky about the music I play in sessions. My playlists are thoughtfully selected; the result of my excellent taste and my knowledge of what music works best in which context. In a session, the music should enhance but never overpower. The right song at the right time is like magic. And often it can mean the difference between a session that's, you know, okay..... and a session that's brilliant.  




Bella Lugosi Session Music

This is my main playlist for sessions. Twenty tracks spanning two hours of music that speaks to my true essence. The flow and track selection have been tested and refined in sessions over the years. 


Check back from time to time - this playlist is always evolving slightly

Sexy Bathtime for Sissies

A 25 minute playlist I made for my sissy to listen to in the bath while shaving her legs and tuning in to her femininity. It's basically six of the lushest, dreamiest tracks ever from two artists that do that sort of thing very well (Goldfrapp and Air). Sensual stuff.



More coming soon.....